---Wakatomika Christian Service Camp

Wakatomika Christian Service Camp was incorporated in 1945. It is one of the longest continually existing service camps in the state of Ohio. Initially, the camp utilized farmland. Later, other camp facilities were rented. In 2004, land was purchased and camp was held for the first time on our own property just outside of Danville, Ohio.

Statement of Activities

The primary existence of The Wakatomika Christian Service Camp is (as an extension of the local congregations of Church’s of Christ and Christian Church’s) to help train and encourage our youth in the hope of Jesus Christ our Savior.
The Goals of The Wakatomika Christian Service Camp are as follows:
  1.  Remove all influence of the world during camp program.
  2.  Provide a safe loving atmosphere imitating Jesus Christ.
  3.  Provide training for young men interested in entering the ministry.
  4.  Teach the children about the life and hope that comes through Jesus Christ.
  5.  Teach and encourage the children to become servants of Jesus Christ.
  6.  Provide facilities for member congregations to fellowship and worship.
  7.  Provide memories of love, mercy, and kindness to all children who attend camp.

Board Officers

Pete Wilson – Chairman
 – Secretary
Jason Hankinson – Treasurer

Board Members

Jim Anderson
Ricky Campbell
Dirk Cunningham
Daniel Harding
Dale Hanshaw
Dean Jackson
Greg Kahl
Brad Keller
Andrew Kissel
Rick Lumbatis
Kent Margraff
Steve Muck
Joe Thomas
Mike Tucker