Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child?

Generally, campers are able to register as early as late winter/early spring.
You can register for camp in two ways:
1) You may fill out the online form available under the register button. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once received.
2) You may print off and send in the downloadable form located under the register button. The address for the camp treasurer is located on the form.
Forms are due into the treasurer’s hands no later than the hog roast every year to receive a free t-shirt; however, you may register anytime up to the first day of your camp.

How do I pay for camp?

Camp fees vary per camp week. Click on the yellow registration button for cost.
Each individual supporting church has its own policy about camp tuition. Check with your church leadership to determine what their policy states. Any payment due directly to the camp, may be sent to the treasurer with your child’s registration or paid in full during check in. Checks should be made out to Wakatomika Christian Service Camp.
There are scholarships available for those campers who have a need. Please discuss this with your church’s camp board member.

How do I order a camp shirt?

Campers that register before the deadline will receive a free t-shirt. Shirts will be provided at check in during the camper’s week of camp.
T-shirts can be ordered by the Hog Roast before the camp season. Money is due when ordered. Shirts ordered early by non-campers will be available for pick up during the camp season.
A limited amount of shirts will be available for purchase after the season starts in the canteen. There will not be an additional order placed at the end of the season.

What should campers bring?

  • Bedding (Sheets, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags)
  • Pajamas (No sleeping in stinky clothes)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (White smiles)
  • Soap and shampoo (Get behind your ears)
  • At least six towels (For showers and swimming) and washcloths
  • Money for canteen (Most campers will spend $1 – $2 each day)
  • Money for missions (Collections are taken throughout the week)
  • 2 sets of modest clothes per day, including socks
  • Bag for dirty clothing
  • 1 or 2 pairs of tennis shoes (No flip flops!)
  • Swim suit
  • Dark T-shirt and shorts for swimming (Boys and girls)
  • Bug spray (Fend off those little pests)
  • Flashlight (It gets dark in the woods)
  • Refillable water bottle
*Wilderness Camp has its own unique camp list, you can check it out here: Wakatomika Wilderness Camp Packing List.

What should campers expect?

  • Campers will have lots of fun, meet new friends, and learn about Jesus!
  • Campers will swim in the camp pond each afternoon, unless lightning is in the sky.
  • The food is fantastic! If you have special dietary needs, let the kitchen staff know.
  • Canteen will be open each day for campers to purchase drinks and snacks.
  • The sleeping cabins are air conditioned. Showers and restrooms are a short walk from the cabins.
  • Campers will clean up after themselves, change clothing and take showers each day.
  • Camp counselors and staff are adult Christians who are specially selected for their love and concern for children. They are committed to keeping campers safe.

Where is Wakatomika Christian Service Camp located?

The camp address and contact information is 29203 Hoover Road Road, Danville 43014;  740-599-0007
Driving Directions
  • From Danville, turn east onto County Road 40/Flat Run Road at the Cardinal Super Market.
  • Travel 1.2 miles on Flat Run Road and turn left (east) on Hoover Road.
  • Travel 1.2 miles on Hoover Road. Stay to the left at the fork in the road. Camp will be the fourth driveway on the left.

What to expect on registration day?

Parents will need to check in at the registration table with their child. Information for the week, pick up days and times, and future camp events will be provided.
Parents will need to provide any special instructions for their child. If your child will be picked up by someone other than a parent, a signed permission must be provided to the dean.
Tuition balances should be paid in full.
Campers will receive important information from the dean; including cabin assignments.
All medications need to be provided to the first aid attendant with instructions.

Can I visit the camp?

Anyone that comes to camp must report directly and immediately to the Dean upon arrival to secure permission. The Dean may ask anyone to leave at any time for any reason and all guests must leave directly after campfire. Guests may not stay overnight.
No one is to interfere with camp programs and everyone must follow both the camp schedule and the camp rules including proper dress.
The staff is prepared for every kind of situation and weather problem. Please avoid visiting during inclement weather.

Are pets permitted?

Pets and therapy animals are not allowed on the camp grounds during the camp season (June-July) or during camp sponsored events due to health department regulations. This includes; but is not limited to, check-in, pick-up, and visiting times. 
See camp facilitator for guidelines for service animals.

Can I send mail to my camper?

Yes! We check the mailbox at the camp daily and pass out mail at mealtimes. If mail for your camper arrives after he/she leaves camp, it will be held until it can be retrieved. 
All mail should be sent to the camp address:
Wakatomika Christian Service Camp
29203 Hoover Road
Danville, Ohio 43014

What are the procedures for camp dismissal?

Campers will be responsible for following all clean up procedures before leaving. All belongings should be gathered and made ready for pick up.
Campers AND their parents should check out with the Dean before leaving the grounds. Campers can be signed out at that time and medications returned.
Parents are responsible for notifying the Dean in writing if someone other than the parent or emergency contact will be picking up the camper. Ideally this should be provided at check in.

How do I get involved?

All current, faithful attending members in good standing from supporting churches are encouraged to volunteer at camp! There are many opportunities to serve as staff, during cleaning and work days, in the kitchen, and with improvement projects. Reach out to a board member, camp facilitator, or kitchen staff to get more information. You can use our contact form too!

 How do I make donations to the camp?

Every year we ask our contributing churches to bring food donations. These lists are provided to each church by mid-May every year. You may bring your donation to the camp by the date provided or make arrangements with your church members to have them delivered. If you have specific question about your donation, would like to donate additional items, or make a cash donation, you may contact a kitchen staff member.
At the hot dog roast, we have a supply donation drive. Those items can be brought up to camp at that time or anytime throughout the season. Items requested for this collection are: toilet paper, quart size freezer bags, gallon size freezer bags, paper towels, styrofoam trays, dinner styrofoam plates, dessert Styrofoam plates, 10 oz styrofoam cups, tissues, napkins, plastic ware: spoons, forks, knives, band aides, gauze rolls, and gauze pressure bandages.
Donations are always welcome. If you would like to make a donation, but are wondering what we need, use our contact form or get in touch with your representative board members. They will have suggestions!
Monetary donations may be sent to the camp board treasurer. Checks should be made out to Wakatomika Christian Service Camp.

Can I use the camp for a private event?

During the camp season (June through mid-July), the camp is used exclusively by our campers.
The remainder of the year, current, faithful attending members in good standing from supporting churches are welcome to request a date to use the camp. To see open dates, go to the camp calendar. For specific questions about your event, contact your board member.
You may use our contact form or contact the camp facilitator or camp treasurer directly to reserve a date. Once confirmation is provided, you must contact your camp board member to work out details for accessing the grounds.
Please respectfully follow all guidelines for using the camp:
Kitchen considerations: ~Only use the equipment you have been given specific permission to use (generally use is reserved to the sinks, refrigerator, and freezer) and be sure that you fully understand the operating conditions for the equipment and the cleaning procedures ~If anything seems to be broken or not working properly, please report it to a board member or kitchen staff member ~If you have been given permission to use any of the food stuffs, please notify the person that is locking up the camp for you on your departure. This is very important for our inventory records.
Pond notes: ~Use of pond is at your own risk. ~There is no lifeguard on duty. ~Follow all rules established for swimming safety.
Before you leave after your event, please be sure that: ~you’ve inspected and cleaned the tables and counters that you’ve used both in the kitchen and in the cafeteria area ~the floors are swept in both the kitchen and the cafeteria ~sinks are cleaned up with no food left behind ~full trash bags are removed and taken to the dumpster (secure the lids on the large trash cans) ~bathrooms are orderly ~remove all trash from grounds ~ensure all fires are out ~return all sports equipment and pond gear to their proper places ~if cabins are used, vacuum and take trash to the dumpster ~if shelter is used, clean tables, sweep floor, and take trash to dumpster. Garbage can should be attached upside down with bungee cord to a pole. ~unless other arrangements have been made-turn out all lights and lock any doors that you have access to; as well as, the padlock on the gate
Donations can be given to the camp treasurer or the board member that has given you access to the facilities.